The Brownlow Manuscripts

By kind permission of Lincolnshire Archives and Electric Egg

The Brownlow Manuscripts

The Brownlow collection is one of the largest and most important estate collections held at Lincolnshire Archives. It relates to the Cust and Brownlow families of Belton.

It relates to the Cust and Brownlow families of Belton House near Grantham, and associated families, and ranges in date from the 12th Century to the 20th Century. Although some documents had been deposited between 1957 and 1972, the purchase in 1992 revealed a rich archive of new material - 115 wooden and tin boxes in all.

The contents range from medieval deeds to papers relating to the Abdication Crisis of 1936. Cataloguing has proved to be a mammoth task due to the size and complexity of the collection. Some of the fully completed sections are available on the Cultural Collections website. The Diaries and Journals, and CCNPO sections have recently been completed but are not yet online.

Other sections are in draft, and lack final reference numbers, but relevant documents can be located for the public with advance notice.

The arrangement of sections, below, gives an indication of the range of material in the deposit.

BNLW/1 Estate BNLW/1/17 Subsidiary papers
BNLW/1/1 Title deeds to freehold,
leasehold and copyhold estates
BNLW/2 Household
BNLW/1/2 Settlements BNLW/3 Official and Local
BNLW/1/3 Mortgages BNLW/4 Personal
BNLW/1/4 Leases BNLW/4/1 Probate and Executorship
BNLW/1/5 Rentals, surveys and valuations BNLW/4/2 Trust and Trusteeship
BNLW/1/6 Maps and plans BNLW/4/3 Correspondence
BNLW/1/7 Accounts BNLW/4/4 Royal Connections
BNLW/1/8 Vouchers BNLW/4/5 Diaries and Journals
BNLW/1/9 Correspondence BNLW/4/6 Accounts and Vouchers
BNLW/1/10 Manorial BNLW/4/7 Genealogy
BNLW/1/11 Enclosure BNLW/4/8 Artistic Pursuits
BNLW/1/12 Tithe BNLW/4/9 Records of the CCNPO (Central
Committee for National
Patriotic Organisations)
BNLW/1/13 Legal papers: Clitheroe BNLW/4/10 Scholastic
BNLW/1/14 Legal papers: Egerton BNLW/4/11 Miscellaneous
BNLW/1/15 Legal papers: Hume    
BNLW/1/16 Disposal of Estates