Salver and Cup (1836)

William Burwash

Salver and Cup.


Dated 1836 | Silver Diameter 65 cms weight 177oz

Purchased by the Heslam Trust with the aid of a grant from the Victoria and Albert Museum Fund, 1979 UG 79/125 This magnificent salver, which stands on four feet has engraved in the centre the arms of John Kaye, Bishop of Lincoln from 1827 until his death at Riesholme in 1853. He was consecrated at Lambeth on 30 July 1820 and was Bishop of Bristol prior to his appointment at Lincoln.

Cup Silver

Height 18 cms complete, diameter 14.3 cms.

Purchased by the Heslam Trust and a Victoria and Albert Museum Grant, 1981 UG 82/3 A Charles II two-handled porringer on a later rim foot. The silver body is chased with acanthus leaves, and above with a band of laurel. The cover has a bud finial and is engraved with a later crest. The interior is gilt. Made in London, dated 1680.

This item was on long term loan to the Usher gallery from Mr Heslam from 1952, and it is highly appropriate that it forms part of the Heslam Trust Collection.